Principles Ray Dalio – Life and Business

Top Success Principles of Life and Business

Very recently I read the book that completely changed the course of my thinking towards the life and business. The book is Called Principes by Ray Dalio, and it’s over 400 pages long book with nice hardcover. The book consists of 3 main parts wherein the first one Ray explains himself where is he coming from, the short autobiography, so everyone understands who Ray Dalio really is. The second 2 part is about Life Principles and the last third about Business Principles.

Just to understand, it’s not a manual guidebook full of principles to follow, but rather the open-mindedly explained what are the principles, how to get own principles, and how to operate through them to achieve audacious goals. It’s important to be aware that every person is different and so every person has to figure out own principles that will help to get anything that anyone wants.

Ray Dalio describes how his principles have helped him on the way to becoming one of the most successful investors of all time in history while building and managing the most successful Hedge Fund in history.

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